Samsung Galaxy s9 and S9 plus will have 480fps super slow motion mode

admin / July 30, 2018
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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will have 480fps Super Slow Motion Mode

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Let’s get to the business, these 3 features are the main features that we will have to look out for, The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus latest update include a brand new 480fps super slow-motion mode. The new mode replaces the previous 960fps feature for manual mode, but there will be a 960fps feature in automatic mode The update additionally includes the July security patch and stabilizes AR Emoji.

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Even though the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + added the much-touted 960fps super slow-motion mode, Reddit users noted that the phones’ latest update introduces a brand new 480fps mode. However, the new mode brings with it a catch that some may notice it kind of strange.

First, the 480fps mode allows you to record a video for up to 0.4 seconds. The last result’s a 12-second video at 720p resolution. And the 960fps mode Records in 720p resolution, however only offers you 0.2 seconds of recording real-time and ends up in a 6-second video.

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The catch is that the 480fps mode replaces 960fps in manual mode, with the latter currently relegated to automatic mode. This can be bad news for people who got the hang of 960fps recording, even with its comparatively shorter recording time. Alternatively, others may celebrate the move since the 480fps mode offers double the Time to make the shot right.

Keep in mind that the Galaxy S9 and S9 + also got a normal 240fps slow-motion mode that records in 1080p resolution. This mode is far more common and offers you even additional recording time, although the slow-motion won’t look as dramatic. (In the rumored news)- The update added includes the July security patch and makes AR Emoji’s a lot stable. The update is on the market for unlocked models, although the carrier versions will get it soon.

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