Don’t miss these apps of 2018 if you’re a smartphone user

admin / August 16, 2018
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Don’t miss these apps of 2018 if you’re a smartphone user

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Spotify lite

After Facebook, messenger and Instagram began to provide their own “lite” versions, it’s Spotify’s time to launch its own light-weight app. Spotify lite is aimed at users with lower-end smartphones. the app weighs solely 15 MB (instead of 100 MB). The interface is extremely like the classic version of the streaming service, however, some options are stripped away, for example: even if you have Premium, you are stuck with shuffle mode and cannot have any offline tracks.

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If you always needed to draw to draw, however you never committed because of the difficulty or lack of time ., would possibly change your mind. This app shows you totally different drawings and explains the way to reproduce them. it is not a full drawing category, simply tutorials you’ll be able to follow to recreate drawings. it is a nice place to begin for those looking to begin building drawing skills while not needing to commit too much time.

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Overdrop is everything you may need in a weather app, from forecasts to widgets, all in a slick Material style interface. With its easy, user-friendly style, Overdrop enables you to see seven days of forecasts quickly. And, tho’ the app is. new that it’s still in beta, the animations are pretty and also the app is not buggy. the sole drawback is that there are some ads within the app, however, that is what free apps cost currently.

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Of all the meditation and heedfulness apps I’ve tried, Calm is that the highest quality and best. sadly, it has a price that reflects this, therefore you’ll need to check out the free trial before committing. The app has guided meditations for handling stress, anxiety, sleeping and different problems. For the insomniacs out there, there is even stories and nature sounds to lull you to sleep.

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Imgur could be a staple of the web, however, you’ll be able to do more than simply browse meme after meme. you’ll be able to make them! The Imgur Android app can assist you to appreciate the platform and build funny content in an exceedingly different method. due to an exciting new update, you’ll be able to currently capture and record video with sound, if you want) directly from the Imgur app.

Special News for Samsung smartphone owners –

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